Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tallahassee screen rooms.

All Custom Aluminum now offers Screened enclosures with A 1.5# density insulation in the roof system. This is 50% stronger than competing roof systems, and its a difference you can feel. You can literally "feel" the difference as you inspect the product, there is a significant density disparity between our product and the traditional 1# density insulation. You will also "feel" the difference as you enjoy your new space, the extra insulation makes those summer afternoons more tolerable. Another advantage to the 1.5# density roof system is its strength. "A 1.5# density polystyrene contains half again as much actual insulation, by wieght, as a 1# density polystyrene" according to Metals Usa representative Tony Thompson, "and we are proud to have raised the bar for our competition". Typically, denser insulation is a significant upcharge from a standard 1# density. But All Custom Aluminum offers these stronger roof systems at a price which is competitive with inferior systems.
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