Monday, April 2, 2012

Pool Enclosure Options

At All Custom Aluminum, we want our customers to have every option available to them, in an effort to strike the mark and meet expectations. There are some starting points for considering options, and the first should be to consider whether or not you would like all screen in the roof, or a portion of solid cover incorporated into the design.
These aluminum composite panel roof systems are easily integrated into the design of most enclosures and provide a shaded, insulated, walkable and load bearing roof system at a price which is just a fraction of your next most expensive option. If you don't already have a covered lanai or patio area adjacent to the pool area, you should consider this option. Another choice which should not be made lightly is the roof style of the enclosure. Many people mistakenly assume that only a peaked design will shed debris. Remember that screen enclosure roofs allow air to circulate through them, and this allows a breeze to self-clean most debris off the enclosure. So it is not so much the angle of the screen roof, but the fact that the roof is screen which makes the difference. Armed with this knowledge, customers can choose the design they want most from a standpoint of appearance. Pool enclosures are all about the screen. And in North Florida and South and Central Georgia, bugs don't just come in one size. We have great big Skeeters and itty bitty gnats, and everything in between. So choosing a screen mesh thats right for you is key. Standard pool enclosure grade screening is an 18/14 mesh screen. Traditional no-see-um tight mesh screen is 20/20 mesh. What this means is that in a one square inch portion of screen there are 18 by 14 holes, or 20 by 20 as the case may be. Until recently those two meshes were the only real options in insect screening. Recently, manufacturers have begun creating "increased visibility" screening. This screen has the virtue of a 20/20 mesh, about 10% more light and air flow, and better visibility while retaining similar wind loads and weathering properties. If you have pine trees nearby, your pool enclosure should have some form of 20/20 mesh screen. Traditional 20/20 mesh is more darkening and blocks more breeze than the new products such as Bettervue, by Phifer.
Regardless of what design, or screen mesh you choose, building a pool enclosure conveys the sense of being inside of your home while letting the best of the outdoors in. Pool enclosures are the lowest cost per square foot solution available, but are worth their wieght in gold when it comes to enjoying you pool. Whether you live in Tallahassee, FL, Columbus, GA or anywhere in between All Custom Aluminum is your quality and value leader for pool enclosures, screen rooms, patio enclosures, glass rooms, pergolas and arbors, awnings, and more. Visit our website for details or call us anytime for a free estimate. Tallahassee, Florida (850)524-0162.

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