Thursday, June 30, 2016

Patio Covers for Any Budget

Patio Covers for Any Budget

Covering an existing patio can be one of the most economical improvements to add additional outdoor living space.  Although many people consider awnings comprised of canvas materials, retractable awnings, or even homebuilt covers utilizing corrugated plastic and wood framing, there is an alternative that is eco-friendly, cost effective, strong, and looks great.
Insulated Composite Patio Cover
  The insulated composite aluminum roof system makes over any patio into a covered space while providing insulation and walkability.  It installs in as little as one day, and is engineered to be as strong as the home to which it is attached.

This patio cover system utilizes an upper and lower sheet of solid embossed aluminum sandwiching a 3 or more inch thick core of very dense polystyrene insulation.  These structural insulated composite panels can span great distances, don't require any under structure for support because they support themselves, and are so energy efficient they have earned the Energy Star rating. 
Patio Cover with Rain Chains

Unlike most patio cover systems, which cannot support weight, insulated composite panels can support the weight of  multiple people, making maintenance a breeze.  These systems can also incorporate internal chases which can afford the installation of lights and fans without unsightly external conduit or wires. 

Perfect for outdoor kitchens, covering decks and slabs, or other outdoor areas, these roof systems are an economical alternative to costly and bulky wood framed structures, yet are engineered to be just as strong.  Typically, these patio covers are attached to the eave of the home and have a very slight slope, which preserves height.  Because they usually don't entail disrupting the envelope of the home, there is no need for reworking of the homes roofline, which makes installation quick and saves money.

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