Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Custom Pool Enclosure

All Custom Aluminum is proud of our latest custom enclosure in the upscale Bobbin Brook subdivision of Tallahassee, FL. Even more so because of the challenging nature of the footprint, and the large size of the span. This bronze mansard style pool enclosure is a good example of what we term a "wrap around" style mansard roof system. We call it that because, by careful design and engineering, All Custom is able to produce a raised screen roof system which contours to fit oddly shaped slabs, in this case an "L" shaped design.
This project called for 2 by 10 inch extruded beams because of the span (over 46 feet at the long span). Although there were areas which would have met code with smaller dimension beams, we opted to expend the extra expense, time, and effort to keep all the beams at the 10 inch size for consistency. This way, even though the job is overbuilt in terms of strength, it maintains a uniform beam dimension throughout. Its just another example of how All Custom Aluminum goes the extra mile for our customers.
When it rains it pours, and the challenges of this job didn't stop with the wrapping mansard design and the outsize beams. All Custom constructed a series of transome screen walls on the house side of the structure to notch around multiple projections. And we worked around landscaping planters, lattice brick walls, and a multilevel spa. All in all, not the simplest enclosure. But one we are proud of. And for us, being able to walk away from each job with pride is what keeps us motivated.
All Custom Aluminum is available for instant consultation by phone at (850) 524-0162 in Tallahassee, FL or (706) 761-5363 in Columbus, GA. Or visit our website at
Or feel free to browse our online Pool Enclosure Design Guide, filled with pictures, information, and ideas sure to be of interest to anyone contemplating constructing a pool enclosure. Just click the link below.

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