Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shingled Screen Room Built with Composite Alumium Roof System

All Custom aluminum has just finished a solid roof screened room which incorporated an overlayment of osb and the application of shigles to produce a seamless look, while still taking advantage of all the benefits of building with aluminum. We wanted to enclose the space while maintaining an aesthetic appeal consistent with the home, and are pleased to have done both at a reasonable price, in only a few days. The secret is in our composite aluminum roof system, which incorporates all the elements of a house's ceiling, attic and roof into one, energy efficient, load bearing composite.
Built in a neighborhood known for its historic homes and quaint bugelows, this addition needed to conform to the existing architecture and blend in rather than stand out. In that regard, we mirrored the upper gable of the home with our gable projection, matching the pitch. Next we installed the aluminum framework and composite aluminum roof system. Our internally fabricated aluminum components allow for spans not typically seen with wood construction. And our components hold screen tight for years.

The shingles are set in the traditional nail down fashion, and serve to suppliment the finished impervious composite panels with even more redundant layers of waterfast protection. As importantly, shingling the roof provides that final touch that pulls together all the elements of construction into one synergistic whole. We use drip edge and provide 6" gutters on all our shingled additions, to provide a completely traditional look. No one has to know you used environmentally friendly, Energy Star rated green building materials, unless you want them to.

At All Custom Aluminum, our philosophy is to sell the best quality product at a reasonable price. So each of our jobs receives our best efforts, starting with our laser assisted layout and design process and ending when our team of longstanding industry professionals has cleaned up spic and span so that we have left nothing behind but a great job. Our crews bring a level of professionalism to the industry second to none, and our reputation for going the extra mile comes from their efforts at top quality customer service.

Since the deck is elevated, we use an approved safety screen below the chair rails to afford code compliate protection from accidents while maintaining an open view, free of pickets and multiple rails. Our design also allows for more interior volume because there is no need for attic space, as even electrical and fan conduits are internal and laminated inside the roof during the manufacturing process. Its just another way working with All Custom Aluminum brings you more options for less hassle.

All Custom Aluminum offers a free 68 page online Guide to Outdoor Living Ideas, filled with pictures, information, and ideas you may never have considered. We service the Southeastern USA and ship everywhere else. Call Us today for your free estimate or instant quote on any of our outdoor living products. Tallahassee, FL (850) 524-0162


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