Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maintenance Free Metal Pergolas

All Custom Aluminum constructs the finest maintenance free pergola systems available, at a price similar to wood. But unlike wood pergolas, our large dimension, deep embossed aluminum components will never rot, crack, twist, or require painting. Some finishes even come with a lifetime warranty. And you can choose your shape, design, and shading coefficient.

We can also give you the aesthetic advantages of a pergola look with the practacality of an insulated, walkable, composite aluminum roof system that keeps the rain, and the heat at bay, while affording you options like internal fan and electrical conduits, skylights, and more. Or combine multiple elements of shade, and rain protection for a customized design.

All Custom Aluminumn provides free consultation and design on all pergolas, glass, and screen enclosures. With over 17 years in business, we have the experience it takes to construct any pergola in a way that is both structurally sound and artfully rendered.

All Custom Aluminum is available for instant consultation by phone at (850) 524-0162 in Tallahassee, FL. Or visit our website at
Or feel free to browse our online Pool Enclosure Design Guide, filled with pictures, information, and ideas sure to be of interest to anyone contemplating constructing a pool enclosure. Just click the link below.


  1. Is aluminum pergolas is hot or cold? i think its not comfort as wood...

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    1. Mr. Ashton
      Thanks for your comment. If you are referring to the temperature under the structure, that would be dependent on the shading coefficient, not the material of construction.

      If you are referring to the actual metal beams and posts, well then I would say they will conduct heat more readily than wood. However, a light colored metal pergola will stay cooler than a dark stained or painted wood structure.

      Not to mention the myriad other benifits of the metal pergola. All I can say is that every customer we have installed one of these jobs for has been well pleased. And we have yet to recieve a complaint about the metal being too hot.

      Andray Herron
      All Custom Aluminum
      (850) 524-0162

  2. what customers likes more a wood made pergolas or aluminum pergolas, what customer prefers more?

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