Monday, June 4, 2012

Which Pool Enclosure Design is The Most Adaptable

By far the most versatile and adaptable pool enclosure design is called a Mansard style roof. This design slopes up for one division, comes across level for one or more devisions (depending on the span), and drops down again for one division. Key to this design is the congruency between the width of each division as well as the degree of each division, for all the angled divisions. So, for a typical span of, say, 30', we may split the side wall into five 6' "divisions" which would be delineated by the presence of a cross member. All these cross members align to create the symmetry which makes for an aesthetically pleasing enclosure. What makes the mansard special, and especially different from gabled, or peaked, roof styles, is that the level portion of the span can change length without altering the height of the beam. This allows flexibility in constructing enclosures on existing foundations which may not be square. Moreover, mansard style screen roofs enclose more volume than typical gable style screen roofs. There is also a visual effect, due to the obliquity of the surface of the screening when viewed from the deck and pool, which makes mansard roofs "seem" more open than gables. Of coarse, we are talking about screen roofs which are extremely open in their feel in any case, but it is a matter of degrees. Bottom line, because a gabled roof must be precisely rectangular, if your slab or foundation is not absolutely square, a gable style roof will either create a wedge of slab exposed to the exterior of the enclosure (as the slab grows from end to end), or the pitched roof will have to "span" a greater distance from beam to beam, yielding a wall height which consequently changes with the additional run due to the increase in span. This is a visually odd looking situation best avoided if possible. Mansard screen roofs can be adjusted to fit just about any quadralateral deck, reguardless of how square it is. All Custom Aluminum constructs screen rooms, patio enclosures, sunrooms, metal awnings, retractable canvas awnings, pool and screen enclosures, greenhouses, motorized screens, and more. Call All Custom Aluminum for your free estimate or instant quote on any of our outdoor living products (850) 524-0162 in Tallahassee, FL. Or visit us on the web at Also, feel free to visit our online screen, patio, and pool enclosure buyers guide. Its a 68 page portfolio of our products and services filled with information, pictures, and ideas sure to be of interest to anyone contemplating an outdoor living project. Just click the link below.


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