Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Aluminum Carport Project

All Custom Aluminum provides top quality screen rooms, patio and pool enclosures, glass rooms, and other specialty outdoor living products at reasonable prices. A Family owned and operated business since 1995, we have built a reputation for providing top quality work at low prices. We are proud of this job, which incorporates a carport and screen room into a unified design. And unlike pre-fab carports, our job integrates with the home and is built to conform to the same wind loads.

This non-insulated aluminum panel roof system is a strong, roll formed aluminum roof system which is a cut above the unfinished, corrugated designs some companies offer. Designed to incorporate an integrated gutter and fascia system, this roof system presents aesthetically pleasing, finished edges with integrated color and finish. Choose from many options and designs.

All Custom Aluminumn provides free consultation and design on all awnings, carports, and screen enclosures. With over 17 years in business, we have the experience it takes to construct any awning or enclosure in a way that is both structurally sound and artfully rendered.

All Custom Aluminum is available for instant consultation by phone at (850) 524-0162 in Tallahassee, FL. Or visit our website at Or feel free to browse our online Pool Enclosure Design Guide, filled with pictures, information, and ideas sure to be of interest to anyone contemplating constructing a pool enclosure. Just click the link below.


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