Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Estimating Pool Enclosure Costs

All Custom Aluminum specializes in constructing pool enclosures of all shapes and sizes, built to withstand differing loads based on geography. Generally speaking, if you are below the snow and ice load line (approx 30 degrees latitude) wind load will be the controlling factor with regard to pricing a pool enclosure. In this case you should budget between $7.50 per square foot to $10.00 per square foot depending on the complexity. These numbers are based upon a pool enclosure with an average span and hieght. Although we calculate exact cost based upon square foot of product (wall square footage plus roof square footage), in this case, the above numbers are meant to be multiplied by only the footprint of the enclosure (width by length).
If you live in an area that requires engineering for snow and or ice loads, the above numbers would be adjusted upwards. Also realize these figures are pool enclosures with all screen. All custom also constructs four season, enclosed pools, which are typically much more expensive.
The good news is that All Custom Aluminum will consult with you and provide a guaranteed estimate free of charge, instantly. Just call us at (850) 524-0162 for your estimate, or with any questions you may have.
You can visit us online at or browse our online portfolio, full of pictures and information on a variety of patio, deck, and pool enclosure options as well as awnings, carports, canvas, motorized roll screens and more. Just follow the link below:


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  2. Great Article. Pool Enclosures will seal out all leaves, dirt and debris keeping your pool completely clean all year round and it will also help save you money and reduce the cost of maintaining your pool.