Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tallahassee Pool Enclosure Specialists

All Custom Aluminum is unmatched in the industry in our ability to provide top notch, professional service at a reasonable price. Our pool enclosures are custom designed and professionally engineered to be as strong as your home, and thats just for starters. Enclosing your swimming pool, deck, slab, or patio with an aluminum screened enclosure not only makes your area bugproof, but imparts the feeling of interior space, while not impeding your experience of the outddors. So you get the best of both worlds, and an increase in the size of your home at a price which is a fraction of your next most affordable option.
Our pool and screen enclosures can be designed in a myriad of shapes and sizes, and each job is custom crafted to exacting specifications by long standing industry professionals. You will not find a finer product, or a company of individuals with a more vested interest in your satisfaction with our product, and your experience during and after construction.
All Custom Aluminum has been constructing pool enclosures from our headquarters in Tallahassee for over 17 years. Call us for your free estimate, or call or email us with your plans for a complimentary consultation and immediate quote. We promise not to disrespect you with any price that is not our best bottom line, every time. While we always provide the best product, we often also have the lowest price, so check us out. Call today, (850) 524-0162. Visit us online at or browse our online portfolio, full of pictures and information on a variety of patio, deck, and pool enclosure options as well as awnings, carports, canvas, motorized roll screens and more. Just follow the link below:


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