Monday, May 21, 2012

Integrated Solid and Screen Roof Pool Enclosures

All Custom Aluminum Offers a wide array of pool enclosure options, including one where some element of the total footprint is covered with a walkable, load bearing, isulated composite solid roof product and the rest of the area is covered in screen. The resulting space affords you the option of different shading and temperature environments integrated contiguously into one structure. The transition between the two rooflines is seamlessly accomplished via a structural aluminum gutter and carrier beam, capable of spanning large distances. Thus you can "walk through" from one area to the othe with no impeding wall or supports.
Why spend quadruple or more to have a Builder tear into your house roof to create a new lanai, pool house, outdoor kitchen, or cabanna, when All Custom Aluminum has an energy effiecient, load bearing finished roof system that incorporates all the elements of your homes ceiling, attic, and roof into an ulta strong insulated composite capable of meeting all your needs? Let us show you how you can get more for less, and create a space you and your family will gravitate to throughout the year.
All Custom Aluminumn provides free consultation and design on all pool enclosures and screen enclosures. With over 17 years in business, we have the experience it takes to construct any pool enclosure in a way that is both structurally sound and artfully rendered. Lets face it, its not about the pool enclosure, its about the pool. Let your pool shine by considering an enclosure design carefully. All Custom Aluminum is available for instant consultation by phone at (850) 524-0162 in Tallahassee, FL. Or visit our website at Or feel free to browse our online Pool Enclosure Design Guide, filled with pictures, information, and ideas sure to be of interest to anyone contemplating constructing a pool enclosure. Just click the link below.


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