Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pool Enclosure FAQ

1. How much does a pool enclosure cost? The answer depends on many factors (see post here)but the short answer is between $7.50 and $10.00 per square foot of deck are for an all screen enclosure, assuming a typical span and connection to the home and no extreme wind or snow loads.
2. What happens to the water coming off my house roof where the pool enclosure is connected? We install an extruded structural gutter, called a supergutter, against the eave or connection to the home. This extremely large, and extremely strong extruded gutter is attached to the home by connecting into the actual rafter tails (through the fascia) to create a permanent, load bearing substrate upon which to attach the structural members of the pool enclosure. If you already have a gutter, we will remove it in one piece and set it aside for you.
3. What colors are available? For better or for worse, pool enclosures only come in two colors: white and bronze. White is simply a white finish. Bronze is a medium tone broze which some people would call brown and others call black.
4. Are the colors the same price? Yes.
5. Which color should I choose? That is a good question. First look at the host structure. White tends to clash with cream or ivory fascia and trim. While bronze may clash with any color to close to be complementary. Also, bronze tends to clash with greys. Second, look at your window color. Many times people will want consistency from window frame to enclosure frame. Typically, these frames are also white or bronze. Third, think about how you want the room to come off. Is it going to be an exrension of your home, or do you want to "see through" it? Be careful to balance these considerations when choosing your color.
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